Saturday, October 8

There's a mouse in my house

So, our room has a mouse in it. And he's a chocoholic. He ate some Swiss chocolates (literally from Switzerland) from the room next to ours, and then he came into our room last night and tried to eat into my Toblerone bar. Luckily, my roommate and I had finished it last night and it was just the box in my purse! Whew! But that means that the little bugger had to climb into my purse to get to it. Gross. Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere. Haha!

I have had a crazy week. A long week. God taught me a lot about leadership this week. It has been amazing to see that happen, too. One day in class the Director's wife, Donna, shushed me. In front of everyone. I was completely humiliated. I cried right there sitting at my desk. Stupid Satan. He's been on my case ever since I got here in one way or another. And this was the icing on the cake. So, I talked to my small group leader about it. (I love leadership structre now.) And she advised me to talk to Donna about it.

Yeah, right.

But God wouldn't let me settle because of fear. How is Donna going to know that she hurt my feelings and that isn't the best way to deal with me if I don't tell her? So, I mustered up the courage, through a lot of prayer during worship the next morning, to talk to her about it.

And it was amazing.

She actually asked my forgiveness about having hurt me. I am trying to remember if any leader has ever done that to me before. Praise God for humility! I think maybe some have, but I really just can't think of any leaders that have immediately asked for forgiveness before. It's crazy. Anyway, I was completely restored in that. God totally spoke to me about being a leader when that happened. It was amazing! I was totally excited.

I have been praying for a dear brother in Christ of mine and I heard yesterday that my prayers have been answered! Restoration between him and another friend may be coming. At least a step happened. So, God rules in that!

Yeah, and the other day I found $50 taped to my door with my name on it. God loves us so much!

I must work on my studies now. Thanks for your prayers!

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Nathan said...

How are you enjoying the snow?