Monday, October 17

I can see clearly now...

This weekend was crazy! Boulder, Colorado is the coolest place ever! Some friends and I got to go there on Saturday night. It was really cool. The sushi was fantastic! I think I was in heaven. I was in a real city hanging out for a change. It was refreshing.

I have a creative presentation due tomorrow on "Boldness v. Fearfulness," and my Aussie friends are going to act in it. I am so stoked to see what happens, but I am also a little annoyed about it. I am doing it at the last minute and I want it to be good.

Becca came up and stayed all night alst night and it was cool. We had fun. I took her out to lunch and then I went and bought some sweaters I got cheap and a pair of Airwalk shoes that look like real CROCS. CROCS are like foamy, plasticy clogs thatare soooooo huge here. Everyone in CO has a pair. I was so blessed on Friday and I have to say it feels good to finally be able to bless others like I wanted to back earlier this year. Although I wouldn't trade what I went through for anything!

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. It seems to be making a lot more sense as to why I went through what I went through this last year. I needed to listen to what God was saying and obey more than I did for sure. I should have listened, but God's wonderful grace has sustained me and redeemed my life. I finally listened (about coming to do a DTS,) and God has blessed me like it was the first time he told me. I am so excited!!!

Even though today I am really tired.

I love sushi.

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