Tuesday, October 11

It's Crunch Time

Hey guys! God is so awesome! There is some amazing stuff happening. God literally is blowing me away. It's kind of hard to explain it all, like I can't even put into words how I am changing. God is bringing my character to light and helping me to change what needs to be changed into his character. I am being healed. I am being encouraged. I am growing closer to the Lord than I ever have been before. I love him so much!

The director of the school pulled me into his office today with my small group leader. I still only have half of my tuition paid and it is due next Friday, along with half of my outreach. Only one check has come in in the last three weeks. A lot of people said they would support me financially, and maybe everyone is just forgetting to send checks in or call in their pledge on their credit card.

I am not really that upset because I know that I am where I am supposed to be. God is doing amazing things in me. I already feel like a new person, like my life is just beginning, like this is what God has been preparing me for the last couple of years. I know that he will provide for me.

Here is my need:

$1595 for my tuition by Friday, October 20
$600 or $1600 for outreach by Friday, October 20 (It's up to God where I go. Mexico is cheaper, but South Africa is where my heart is.)

The amount for outreach is only half. I will need a total of $1200 for Mexico and $3200 for South Africa.

Those are the amounts I need. Please pray that God will honor his promise to provide for me. I was told today that if I don't have the money in the next week and a half, we will have to discuss leaving; however, I believe that God is going to bless this because I am truly doing it for him and not for me.

Please pray that God would provide the money that I need, if not through you then through someone else!

Email me for any more information you need.

Thank you!!


The Sasquatch said...

You should receive a letter in the mail any day now...hopefully sooner rather than later.

JeannaBelle said...

i wish i could give to you monetarily, but i cant; i will pray for you though. Call me girl!!! I miss you so much...