Sunday, October 30

Pork at 4:45?!?!

Tonight the kitchen crew made dinner by the time on the clock not realizing that we didn't set the clocks back one hour. So we just had dinner at nursing home hours. Holla.

I fell yesterday and really hurt my knee. It's all bruised and swollen. Marja-Liisa, Nathan, Erin and myself hiked up to the prayer chapel and shot a BB Gun at Dixie Cups. Sweet! It was fun. When we were walking back, we walked up to very steep four to five foot drop and ran down it. I was the last one and fell. On. My. Face. And then flipped over onto my back. It hurt. I am all bruised and swollen at the knees.

Plus, Yesterday we did Pilates and my frickin' abs hurt!! Ugh. I was carrying my laundry basket earlier and I about cried because it hurt so badly to carry it. My arms hurt too, but hey... No pain. No Pain. Yeah, you read correctly.

The mountains rock!!


Nathan said...

I hope you feel better soon!

sarah said...

WOW memories that you will never forget. That is amazing. "Jesus heal Megan knew right now, in your name I pray. amen."

I love you girl and miss you lots..

JeannaBelle said...

hey!!! call me already!!!!!