Saturday, November 5

Lots of Fun

The bruise is still there, but it doesn't really hurt anymore. I haven't been up to the prayer chapel since... bad memories. Haha!

This week was so amazing! We had a teacher that was hugely, hugely, hugely in tune with the Holy Spirit. The topic she spoke about was "Identity in Christ," and it was fantastic!! I have never never heard anyone explain things the way she did. And everything she said she backed up with scripture. I really want to photocopy the packet she gave us and send it back home to Ohio, Indiana and some friends in other places as well. I think this is the hugest revelation one could have in his walk with Christ.

I have been having revelations all around.

I was prayed over by my teacher last week about my gift of healing. She didn't even know beforehand that God has spoken to me that I have that gift. When she prophesied over me this week, she said God told her that I have that gift, and he wanted her to anoint my hands with oil. Which she did. My hands felt hot. Think I'm a freak, whatever. My hands felt hot. I'm telling you, ever since then I have felt the need to pray for people on a regular basis for healing.

Today we were at the mall and God spoke to me to pray for a girl in a wheelchair. I had a warm feeling all over my body, a rapid heartbeat, and I was really shaking. I couldn't just stand there and pray for her. God was breathing it into me to go lay my hands on her. I mean, I totally had to lay down my rights to a good reputation. This girl was a teenager, and when I went up and asked her if I could pray for her, her mom said no. I felt bad for the girl, because she was going to say yes. I prayed for her in my head, anyway. No one can stop me from doing that.

God has been telling me to pray for people left and right. It's been pretty sweet. God stinking rocks my face off!!

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