Sunday, November 20

Nothing and everything

That's basically what's been going on here. Nothing and everything. Like everyone keeps asking me what has been happening at DTS. And I try to tell people, but they just can't really understand unless they've been through it. You know? Nothing personal. Just a lot. So much that I can't really even articulate what has been going on. It's crazy. So much.

I have some hard decisions to make. Seriously. Like: "What am I going to do after DTS?"

What am I going to do after DTS?

I have many choices. Some of which may be rough because I am going to have to look at relationships differently than I have. That's kind of hard, but hey. When God tells you to do something or opens a door, you gotta try it! I gotta try it! God is way more important than anything or anyone else in my life. I just gotta try what he is telling me to do.

I really love Jesus, man. Seriously. Love his little face off.

I am so floored every day by the fact that I am even here at all, that I don't have to worry about money, and that the possibilities for what I can do afterward are endless. I'm not afraid anymore of travelling and going to other countries. It doesn't freak me out anymore. I'm so ready for whatever God has for me.

My mom is finally accepting the fact that I am going to South Africa. She sent me a care package the other day with money in it and she is sending me another package this week. So sweet. So awesome. So wonderful of God to change my mom's heart.

Thanks, Dad. I really appreciate everything you have done for me while I have been here. It's awesome! What you are doing is awesome! I am so excited about South Africa, and I cannot wait to see how things go there. I love you!!

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