Sunday, November 27

God bless us, every one!

I freaking love Thanksgiving. My Safa friend here said that we should rename Thanksgiving "Fatsgiving". He's so right. We made enough food to have leftovers for like four days for about 20 people!!
I made my aunt's famous broccoli casserole and I got tons of compliments on it. Everyone was saying that it was the best side dish there. I was so excited that it turned out! So cool.
We got up and watched the Macy's parade where the M&M's balloon caused a light to fall on someone. How ridiculous is that? Suck. It allegedly hit some girl in a wheelchair. What a lawsuit, if she sues! I was getting annoyed that CBS has the absolute worst setup I have ever seen to view a parade., so we switched to NBC. Props to NBC for hanging onto their spot. I love the parade. Welcome to American tradition, folks!
On a heavier note, (no pun intended) God is doing huge things in my life. I have been having violent emotional reactions to things lately. I hate being shushed! I hate when people have to do things by being matched with people by size or weight. So hard! I feel like I am the biggest person here. Stuff like that makes me feel dumb. Humiliated. Like a Fat $%&. I hate it! But God is trying to clean all of that stuff out of me. Thank you so much, everyone, for helping me to get to this point.
I have also been cussing more in the past eight weeks than I have in the past four years. What's up with that? Satan is such a jerk!!
In Jesus' name leave me alone, Satan. You will not have control over my mouth! That's where Jesus has lordship!!
You guys! Seriously. Keep me in your prayers.