Sunday, November 6

I am officially pierced!!

I got my nose done last night in Boulder! Yeah, it was a pretty sweet witness to the guys at the piercing shop. I got it done at K&K and they did a fantastic job. It didn't even hurt. I was surprised. Thanks Jesus!

Pictures to come!!


lipstickface said...

Awww! I got my nose pierced in Bible School too!

I did it myself though. And thats how I met my friend Slaine. I had the needle half way through my nostril when I panicked. I started running down the hall knocking on doors until someone answered. Slaine answered and I screamed "PULL IT OUT OR PUSH IT IN! PULL IT OUT OR PUSH IT IN!"

She pushed! And then gave me a the most beautiful diamond earing - very tiny - and put it in for me. It was lovely.
Until the Women's Dean saw it.
They aksed me to take it out when on school property and thanks to me it now one of the rules in their handbook - no facial piercings.
that and no candles. Cuz i accidentally burnt my dorm room down. hee.

Nathan said...


I can't wait to see it!

JeannaBelle said...

oh eg, be careful when blowing your nose...