Friday, April 14

Whatever comes, comes

And that is about that.

That's where I am right now. Whatever comes...

I have really been praying that God would speak to me about what my next step is.

For instance: I have really been feeling like I should do School of Worship this summer in Denver.

But I also go back and forth with going back to Indiana and helping my parents out. I mean, it would be hard, but I would do it. Plus, my friend Gina has been sick after having a rough time with her pregnancy. I would really like to be there for her right now too.

But there is nothing opening up as far as a place to stay there.

This is my daily thought process. I feel so confident that I should do a School of Worship and then I talk to my mom or I get a "manipulative cry for help" email from her and I think about moving back to Indiana for a while longer.

My sign from God that I am supposed to do that has not come yet, so I wait. I know. I know. Fleece's are for extreme situations. This is extreme for me. It's my life. I only get one of them.


God rocks! Woot!

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