Sunday, April 2

Gah! I can't friggin' sleep!

I really can't. I've been laying in my sleeping bag for hours. Literally. I kind of started to fall asleep, and then Sarah's brother Josh came home from work. He lives here too. There are four adults, a one year old, a dog and two cats in this house. Hey, that's the makings of an ABC sitcom!

I keep thinking about my friend Gina. She's the friend I stayed with when I was in Indiana. She just had her baby. She called me Friday and told me that the baby, Cole, is gorgeous. She said he looks just like Ryan, her husband. She was really glad that he was healthy and safe. But she is sick. She's in ICU with blood clots in her arteries: her lungs, her leg... And she has a husband and a baby to look after. But she told me, "It's okay, Meg. God is in control. I know that he's gonna take care of me."

I should call Ryan and see how he is doing.

Gina is a very close friend, and I am so sad for her. But like she said, God is in control. I just keep praying that God would keep her healthy and safe. Cole needs his mom.

And I keep thinking about going back to YWAM Denver. I officially sent off for my School of Worship application Thursday. I really think that is what I am supposed to do. And it's funny, because I have the same feeling that I had right before I went to DTS. Excited, nervous and totally wondering if I am out of my mind. Yep. Must be God.

I am picking up my friend's car tomorrow. It's so awesome of him to let me use it. How cool is God? I am so excited to get going in the next steps that he plans for me.

And whatever it is, I am ready.

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