Thursday, April 20


Dealing with personality conflict is quite annoying in the "real world. " I disagree with someone's choices. How do I tell them that I am concerned about how they are doing things? I guess what I see is more personal preference anyway. I may not say anything. I'm still deciding.

It's so hard though because who knows how people react in the "real world"?

Side note:

I am so distraught over this decision to move. Frick! I don't know what to do.

I mean, doing SOW would be so great for my relationship with God. So great. I need to be discipled more. Seriously, this I know. And everything makes sense to go to Denver this summer. Rawrrrrrgh!

Yes, I just roared.

And I stared at the screen and burst into tears. I am avoiding this decision. I feel like so much weighs on it. I can't seem to commit. I have trouble with that a lot.

I am such a guy in that respect.

Anyway, I am planning on selling stuff in the yard sale. That's all I know.

I want to get rid of everything!!!

I am so over it all.

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