Monday, April 10

My weekend

Had the third wheel talk with Sarah.

Stayed at SJ's house instead.

Participated in SJ's wedding festivities and pre-wedding festivities.

Sarah and I went to SJ's bahelorette party.

Really interesting.

Totally for married women.

I laughed at how much they toed the line.

I have never seen so many plastic male body parts.

Sucked in all the alone time I could get before having to go back to Sarah & Jason's.

Read most of Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.

Recommended it to friends.

Had a long talk (until eight in the morning) with Sarah about when she got married.

Laughed with Sarah about all the plastic male body parts.

Talked about how I was one of two single women at SJ's bachelorette party.

Realized that some Christians get married just so they can have sex without all the guilt.

I laughed again.

Realized that I like being single.

Changed my mind and realized that I wouldn't mind being married.

Realized I would be afraid I would be getting married just so I could have sex.

I laughed again.

Went to SJ's wedding.

It was beautiful.

She looked amazing, like a princess.

I'm all wedding'ed out.

For awhile.

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JeannaBelle said...

what's this 'third-wheel' stuff?