Monday, October 23

Sometimes, I just don't have the answers.

You know, I don't know everything. And I can't read your mind. Just so you all know.

Man, I am really frustrated with some things lately. I have a couple of friendships that just seem to be awkward or wierd no matter what I do and I hate that. It's so draining. And then crazy stuff happens that's out of my control and it's just wierd. And wierd again.

I mean, I can't control what other people think. Never have been able to. Oh, I've tried. I've attempted. And I have failed miserably. Sometimes, I just don't know what to do anymore. And I get really frustrated really easily after long periods of awkwardness with people. It's lame.

I don't know what to do to make things better sometimes. And after enough of that, I just want to give up. Cause I feel like I've exhausted a lot of avenues to make things better, but it just doesn't get better. I end up taking the other person's pain onto my shoulders and carrying it around. It's not my job to do so. My job is to let God handle those things. But I keep making myself crazy trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Or what else I could do to make it better. But I don't know. I just don't have the answers.

Try again? Sure. I will. But if other psrties don't start to give a little as well, things will never get better. I'm just saying.

Recognize this. Do something about it.

I'm not a magician people.

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