Thursday, November 30

My uncle is a douche

My dad went freaking nuts-o on my mom tonight. He tried to hurt her. He was throwing stuff around the apartment and she called the police on him and had him sent to the hospital. He was crazy drunk. But we also wonder if maybe the cancer has gone to his brain. Just acting out of control. He was like that a lot when I was a kid. He could also just be a pissed off drunken alcoholic.

Anyway, my uncle goes over to my mom's apartment and begins to rant about how much I suck and how horrible a person I am because I did not move back to Indiana. Uh, I did move back to Indiana. For a whole summer, you idiot! Ugh. He's just so mean sometimes. I don't understand what his problem is. What do I have to do with any of this?

And he said some other stuff that was really crazy that I just really don't want to get into. He was just being such a jerk. It's dumb.

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