Saturday, March 18


I thought of you and something made my heart jump.
In the movie I watched, he told her it would be okay.
You said the same to me.
And I will never forget it.
You let me cry on your shoulder.
You let me be vulnerable.
You did not judge.
We have a deep connection.
Maybe not romantic.
And that's okay.

But something deep inside my heart misses you.
Without your smiling face things just aren't the same.
Not that my world is ending.
I have bigger fish to fry.
Often, I find myself thinking of you.
Often, I pray for you.
Often, I wish I could see you.
We have a deep connection.
There's no denying.
I can't allow myself to think of it as romantic.

Watching the flowing animation.
Greens, blues, and purples blend well as they mix.
And match my mood.

A tear rolled down my cheek.
That awkwardly familiar sobbing feeling filled my chest.
As I remembered you.

And you're the only man that told me.
You told me it would be okay.
You're the only man that told me that.
The others just said it.
You're the only one I've believed.

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Vida said...

good for you and having coldplay on your BLOG! =) loves sista