Tuesday, March 14

Disappointment does not have to equal discontentment

I am really disappointed with how things are done at my church in leadership, but I have to say that I love the leaders. I still love my pastor. And all the people I have so desperately missed over the last six months. It was good to be back. The service was wierd. I can't explain it. It just felt so dead in worship. No one seemed to really be able to worship. I know I couldn't. Of course, I guess the sound system blew or something, so that may have had something to do with it. It was very wierd.

I got to go out to eat with some friends afterward and that was so very cool that I can't even tell you. I really missed everyone. However, being here just reminds me that this is not my home. I don't feel right being here. It feels like a waiting room before I go back for the big appointment. You know what I mean? It's just crazy.

I am so freaking sick of being sick. I finally got to go to the doctor yesterday and I got some antibiotics. That was cool. I still feel like jank, but I am praying that this virus or whatever will pass soon. I slept all day again today. Not cool. I am not getting anything done here.

I did get some stuff from my storage space yesterday to sell. That will be good. I can list some old baseball cards and stuff. (I bet you never knew I collected baseball cards, did you?) I have some pretty good ones that may get some money. I am stoked about that, because I really need money.

Thankfully, God has been taking care of me in that department. I have been able to stay here at Jason & Sarah's and pretty much not have to pay anything. They are totally helping me out right now. I pray God blesses tham for it.

I need a car if I am going to get a job and stay here.

I need to get my storage space cleaned out if I am going to go to Indiana and then to Colorado.

I need to raise funds if I am going to do School of Worship this summer.

I need to stop trying to put a plan together myself and just let God do it.

I need to see some of my peeps from C-Bus before I leave here.

Holla. Back.


The Sasquatch said...

you back in town? Word!

JeannaBelle said...

yeah, mom said worship has been, umm... not very good. She said it was like too rock 'n roll or something... but that is my mom for ya!