Wednesday, March 22

Buy my CD Collection

I am selling my CD collection, most of what's left of it after consolidating
three times already.

Buy my music piece by piece at these links:

I am also listing books, but that will take more time as I am currently
in the process of ridding myself of as much as I can from my storage space.
Which basically means I haven't gotten to my "book boxes" yet. Someday.

Seriously, help a sister out. I need to consolidate. I can't take all
this stuff to Colorado with me. Or South Africa for that matter.

The goal right now is to work and save as much as I can to get back into
a school in Denver where I just came from. Eventually I will end up in
South Africa again. And maybe some other countries. We'll all have
to wait and see.

I say thank you for even looking at the stuff I have listed. Thanks so much!

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