Tuesday, February 14

Memories... all alone in the moonlight

Me sledding at Eagle Rock! I had so much fun that night. Me at Love Feast. That was a crazy night. I felt almost in shock. Like lecture phase wasn't really coming to an end.
The famous Hapa O-Roll and Multi O-Roll. The best freaking sushi I have ever had. I miss Boulder man. And it's only been like two days.
At a shop in Boulder. Posing for Ji Sook I think. Who would buy that ring anyway? I bought the glasses and then gave them away in Safa. I miss Safa.
Why did Ryan let us do this to him? He is the best little brother ever. I love that kid to death.

Just a few pics from the fun times. I need to compile pics from Safa and some other adventures we had in Colorado. I miss my DTSMates so freaking much. It feels so lonely without them and I feel so much like I am in a dream and it's not really over. How crazy is that?

I have to move on with life though and not keep pining for things past. It's hard though because Indiana is temporary. So it's hard to move on when the place I'm in is temporary. I really don't know how all of this is going to go. Part of me wants to get on a bus and run away to Ohio or Denver. Or anywhere but here, but I will obey what God has called me to do. Only he can help my heart be in it. Cause right now my heart's not in it. I finally got sleep last night and I am still tired.

Man. DTS. How crazy was that?

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