Wednesday, February 15

For the Love of Toast

Yeah, so I'm in my hometown and it's really wierd. This is not going to be easy. I'm taking care of my parents on top of everything else culture-shock-esque that I have been a part of lately. I love Jesus though, man, and he's the only one getting me through this stuff. Cause it sucks.

I went to four different stores today to fill the grocery list of things my parentals need, and it was wierd because I went to a store that I used to shop in when I was little. My grandmother used to take me to this store, and it was so funny being there. I thought about the fact that thousands of people have been in and out of its doors over the years. My grandmother used to shop there. It was... well... wierd.

I stopped to get gas today when I was driving my mom's car and I moved to four, count them, four different pumps because I couldn't figure out what side the tank was on and maneuver the car correctly. What the crap?! I feel like I am losing my mind. It's no good, man. But I did come up with a new phrase... "For the love of toast!"

I was at Big Lots today and I realized that a lot of stuff that is popular in South Africa is really freaking cheap here. Like clearance at Big Lots cheap. I found two kinds of Safa soap, Safa biscuits and Safa chocolate. And I almost started crying... over South African products. Over chocolate and soap. Over not being in South Africa right now.

Yep. God's the only thing holding me together.

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