Saturday, February 11

The blunt truth is...

Turns out that my mom did not have a stroke. I am going back to Indiana to be with my family for awhile and to help my mom take care of my dad. I'm coming to terms with it all. I know that it may be hard to go back to my hometown, but God has done so much in me the past few years and months and I am excited to tell everyone about my trip.

I miss my friend Moranda. I barely get to talk to her anymore. We were really close back in the day. My prayer is that we can reconnect when I am back and not just have a surface friendship... Which means I need to let myself be vulnerable. I'm getting better at that these days.

I miss Gina & Ryan and I am so glad to get to see them. Gina is way preggo and should be having the baby in early April. I may be there for that! Woooohooooo!

Yeah, it's been hard the past couple of days saying goodbye to all of my DTSMates. I will miss our laughs and tears together. It's funny though, I really feel like I will see most of them again. Especially if I get my around the world ticket. That's right! I'll be travelling Aussie style. That's how they do it.

Anyway, I'm all graduated now and I am ready to take on this next step of life. I am keeping up with discipleship with a few people from the base here. My leaders love me too much to just let me go. I will not always be around a strong Christian influence in Indiana, but one of the staff members has a fiansce that I met a few months ago and she lives in Henderson, KY. So I am going to get together with her some while I am home.

I am sure that God is guiding all of this and setting things up for me, and for that I am glad. It's cool to have a daddy that cares and looks out for me. I am ready for this. It's going to be awesome too.

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