Tuesday, August 29

Reason #427 for blah blah blah

So, the party was cool. The best part? It was for a thirty year old woman that had never had a birthday party where the guest list was mostly friends. I still can't get over that. What the crap is wrong with parents, they can't give a kid a fun birthday party? I mean, she grew up in the burbs, not a third world country. What the jank?!

Anyway, by the end of the night, she was crying and totally overwhelmed with the love that everyone has for her to plan a big shendig like that. I mean, none of us would have done that work if we didn't have the love of God in our hearts. God's love. God's love for this beautiful woman. God's love for the hurting. I hope after this, she looks at birthdays differently and remembers how much God loves her. And that is the beauty of life.

I love my job at the coffee house. I get paid to make coffee all day! Who does that? How did I get this blessing? I mean, I'm stoked about it. I love it. I love being able to interact with people and love on them a little by taking extra care of them and their coffee. And I get to serve the other people on my team. It's pretty cool.

And I found out that I work with the bass player and songwriter of one of my favorite bands. Kinda makes the world a little smaller. It was good stuff. I enjoy moments of being able to put the six degrees of separation rule to the test. It owns.

I hurt my back somehow. I was in a lot of pain tonight. I cried. I hate it when I cry because I am in pain. It sucks. It makes me feel lonely.

I am sick of being surrounded by people and still feeling lonely. It really sucks.

I miss my mom for the first time in like years.

I really want to be hanging out with my DTS again. It went by too fast, and it is something I have longed for ever since.

I'm tired all of the time because my body is not used to being on my feet a lot yet and that really sucks.

Two double caramel no whip frapps? Yeah, I AM OFFICIALLY BACK ON CAFFEINE.

I love coffee, and coffee is the new tequila. Tequila was the new--- Uh... Hmmm. That's an interesting point.

Becca. You are my PLP. I miss you a lot.

Ohio's all right, but mostly because of the group I am chillin' with.

Check this out:

1 Samuel 20:30 (New Living Translation)

"Saul boiled with rage at Jonathan. 'You stupid son of a whore!' he swore at him. 'Do you think I don't know that you want David to be king in your place, shaming yourself and your mother?..."

And I really want to work on my book more, but it's jst not in me anymore to be in that place of pouring my soul and heart out. I don't know why. Stop asking me.

Sometimes things just are the way they are, but they're not the way they used to be and that makes you sad. But you don't necessarily want those old times back exactly, you just want that feeling you had at the time of the old time to be translated into the new time. And improved. With more bacon flavor. And 33% more cheese.

And sometimes you just need to stop typing random bullcrap into your blog and go to sleep. The time is now.

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