Thursday, August 3

It's a Bittersweet Symphony, this life

So, my mom is officially going to need dialysis. She was moved to that part of the hospital tonight. Kinda scary. She's very emotional, but she seemed very clear headed when I talked to her. She's scared because my uncle was on kidney dialysis before he died and that made her very upset to see him with all of the bags hanging next to him. Now she has to do it, and she is very scared to see those bags hanging next to herself.

She has to be in the hospital for four weeks after this and that kind of scares her too. She doesn't know what to do with her apartment, but it is cheaper to pay the rent right now there than go to to assisted living place yet.

My dad was "officially released" from the hospital today, but they are putting him in a nursing home to get him stronger yet until my mom gets out of the hospital.

Side note: Nursing homes make me nervous. My mom never should have taken me into them when I was younger because the things I saw make me almost too scared to go into them now. Ugh.

But I said goodbye to my dad for now unless I don't see him when I go to visit them tomorrow. My mom wants me to come spend some serious time with her tomorrow before I leave Friday morning.

The house where I am staying has been quite interesting. But I won't post about that here.

I am going to meet my middle school music teacher tomorrow, and I am totally stoked about it! Eight AM coffee meeting. You know how that is. But I am excited because it will get me going for the day to go spend some more quality time with my parents.

I haven't seen this teacher since about four or five years ago, and I have totally changed since then. It will be exciting to see how she is doing. And I really want to tell her how much she means to me, and did mean to me growing up.

She was a great role model and I really looked up to her. God used her greatly in my life whether she ever realized it or not and I want to tell her. I want her to know how much her care and love made me a better person.

I am so grateful for my life, even though it isn't easy at all.

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