Wednesday, August 23

Mmmmm Outreach

So, I am officially working at a coffee house, and I am pretty psyched about it. I am totally, officially, completely back on caffeine and trying all the flavors of coffee we have in our store. Frankly, I am just super glad to be back in the "working world" and surrounded by people that understand the volunteer work I have done. It's funny because these people aren't even Christians and they have done work in Russia in orphanages and among the homeless here in America. It was neat trading stories and experiences from our volunteer work.

I love the coffee house culture and I am excited to spend some time in an environment where getting to know people is the focus. I think that I can totally handle learning the stuff about coffee connoisseuring that I do not know. Anyway, I am excited to check this out and see how it goes.

I have been hanging out with the group here more and more and it's been pretty cool. I actually got into a hot button discussion with my friend last week; it was kind of wierd, because I still don't understand his logic on the issue. But it's not my responsibility to change people. I can only state my opinion. It's never my responsibility to make people see things my way. All I can do in any situation is speak the truth in love. And I tried to do my best to speak from my heart in this situation. But no one's perfect. Least of all me.

Parents are doing better which is good. They are both getting out of the hospital this week and I am very glad about that. I really pray that God and my mom throw down and she comes to the conclusion that this is her second lease on life. I am at peace with that. And her. And our relationship. My mom's pretty cool when she's not being crazy. Haha.

I love living here with Chad and Christy. It's a good group of people and a diverse group as well that we are dealing with, so at the very least things are interesting. I am enjoying being around everyone here and spending time with them as much as I can. It's ma blessing to be able to be a "normal" person for awhile. But what the heck is normal anyway? Right?

Normal is a load of crap anyway.

I haven't been feeling so emotionally needy lately, so I have been able to skip blogging as much as I did earlier this summer. Or this year for that matter. I have no idea what I am doing somedays. I am still looking for a full time job to add to the coffee house job, and the interview that I thought I would get I haven't heard anything about yet.

So, life goes on I guess. I'll wait and see what God has for me next. Right now I am working and saving and trying to get caught up financially so that I can do what I need to do in order to be ready if God calls me to something new. Which he may not do for awhile. And I am okay with that even though I really want to go on another outreach so badly I can taste it.

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