Saturday, July 1

Today my dad was released from rehab

Because evidently one can be rehabilitated from a 40 year addiction in less than 48 hours. Where else were my aunt and I supposed to take him? Back to my mom's apartment. Where he sat down on the couch and asked where his booze was! Are you freaking kidding me? I am baffled by how this man lives. He went through all of that just to go right back and do it the same way again. I'm pissed. What the heck? That is so lame. I mean, why would someone do that? Addicts, man. Two steps forward and three steps back. What the jank?!

I've had enough. I am definitely not giving up my trip to Nashville. I'll be gone less than 30 hours. I'm like, whatever's going to happen will happen. I've got to take care of myself. I need to get away from this freaking town and all of this crap and just breathe. I can't do that right now under all of this stress and emotion. I'm too caught up in it all. I need a break, man.

NashVegas, here I come!

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