Thursday, July 6

It's official. I'm United flight 93!

And I'm not looking back.

July 31. That's the change date. I can't stay here forever. I am going to lose my mind. This isn't too healthy a situation here. Although I am personally doing better these days. No, I haven't told my mom I am leaving soon. I haven't told anybody. You, my faithful readers, are the first to know.

I'm not going to have my conscience wrecked because I am an enabler. I am stopping that right now. There's not a lot healthy about the environment I am in here, and it's not good for my relationship with Christ, my sanity or my personal health.

I am hereby stating the decree and I hope that my dearly beloved friends will hold me to it. I am praying about where to stay when I get back. I have a couple of options and I am 99% sure where I will be staying, but I still would like to tell people so they can pray for me about this situation.

I also am going to do some fasting, but I am not sure when I will be doing that. Or what for to be honest. I just need to do some spiritual housecleaning. My dad went to the emergency room the other day and ended up going to rehab, but now he is out and feeling really badly again. He must take care of his throat or the consequences could be bad. I pray that he sees his own worth and tries to take better care of himself.

And with what I just went through with my dad, I really have to watch myself when it comes to having a drink with friends every now and again. I have let myself do that again after a five year break until I could handle it, but I have realized since being back here in Indiana that I just need to be careful. Very careful.

I am fairly certain that I will be coming back to visit here again shortly anyway because I have a few friends that I still owe a grand tour of Evil, Indiana. (Read ghetto girl: Oh, don't think because I am moving back to the buckeye state that you guys get out of that visit to my hometown! You said you would come. I'll kick your you-know-whats if you try to get out of it! :o) Mmmhmmm. That's right.)

Yeah, I need to go pick up my mom now. We're going shopping and out to dinner. Hopefully, she is in the mood for Chinese. I want some hot and sour soup.

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