Saturday, July 29

I am a geek... Deal with it.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Which sci-fi character are you?

A strong-willed herald of causes against injustice, you passionately strive to right the wrongs around you.

Somebody has to save our skins!

I don't know where you get your delusions, Laser Brain!

And to add more to the geek-ness, I love this quote from LOTR's Gimli. It was after Galadriel gave him the gift he asked for when the Fellowship left her territory and after the feast in Egladil.

Gimli wept openly.
- I have looked the last upon that which was fairest, he said to Legolas his companion. Henceforward I will call nothing fair unless it be her gift. He put his hand to his breast.
- Tell me, Legolas, why did I come on this Quest? Little did I know where the chief peril lay! Truly Elrond spoke, saying that we could not foresee what we might meet upon our road. Torment in the dark was the danger that I feared, and it did not hold me back. But I would not have come had I known the danger of light and joy. Now I have taken my worst wound in this parting, even if I were to go this night straight to the Dark Lord. Alas for Gimli son of Glóin!

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