Monday, August 15

My other prayer

God, I really need you right now. I need your peace to engulf my life, because I know that you will provide all the money and resources I need to get my checking account in order and be able to go to YWAM. God, I am in the negative $300 on my checking account, and there is nothing I can do other than pray and ask you to help me. I know you can. I am sure that you can provide every cent that I need. Thank you for the money you have already provided to help alleviate the anxiety. I appreciate it. I know you are going to help all of this work out. I need money for my passport, my tuition and my other needs. You called me to go to YWAM, so I trust you'll provide for me.


JeannaBelle said...

one person told me this: "make sure your call is real, ask God to reveal it to you again. he will, why wouldn't He? Then, that's what you'll have to hold on to when nothing else seems to be going right : your call, your mission in life."

MattyP said...

The cool thing about God is that He takes care of it all - period. If you are doing what you are supposed to be, your golden. LOL God has all the money in the world at His disposal.