Wednesday, August 24


That's pretty much the consensus lately. I am in a state of getting things done. When I'm awake, I'm focused. Which is good, very good for me. I have my app. in to YWAM except for my medical forms, which I am sending today.

I am getting my passport photos taken tomorrow. Or Friday. I am making the appointment for like a couple of weeks from now because I don't have the $$ to get it right away. Which will end up costing more money, but I am so behind on being able to pay bills that I cannot afford to get it yet. Stupid overdrawn checking account!

Side Note: Did you know that by mid-2006, all passports will be made with a computer chip in the back of them? I'm one step closer to being killed for not denying my faith.

I am really excited about going to Seattle, and it's almost unreal how quickly time is gaining on me. I still have a lot to get done. I need to go to my storage space and get stuff to sell. I wonder if anyone wants to buy my stereo and vacuum... I may even sell my dresser! I mean, I really need the money right now.

Anyway, I've been really tired lately and I am sick today. All I have wanted to do is sleep lately, it's been wierd. I cannot get to sleep at night, but I sleep until like 1 in the afternoon. (Don't tell Jack & Angel.) My cough is so bad that my throat burns. My head hurts, and I really want to go back to bed. But I am ignoring that voice and striving to get done what I need to get done.

I slacked too much this summer!

Anyway, I am having a lot of emotions right now about leaving. I am ready to go. I think I have had enough of Ohio for awhile. I want to get out and visit more places. But, I will miss my friends so dearly. I cannot imagine what life would have been like if not for Kiwi, Map, (o: Erica, Nate, Jeanna (and the other five Gina's,) Jason, Sarah, Rugz, Schertz, Luster & Amber, Izzy, SJ, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Jillian, Dave, Momma Judy and Daddy Richard, Pastor Mike & Dr. Dana, Pastor Tom and Trish, Aaron and Brandi, Jules, Brian & Rachael, Shuree, Tam-Tam, and the list goes on. I just don't know what things would be like without the countless people who have shaped my life over the past six years! But, I am ready to move on to this new adventure. I am ready to take on what God has for me. And while I am scared to death of taking this leap of faith, for surely it will be a rough journey at times, I know it is what God has for me. I know I will grow immensely from my experiences. And for that, I am truly excited!

Seattle, here I come!


aarondaddy said...

Meg, I should not have posted that on my Xanga I took it off. I love you and Izzy so don't get the wrong idea. And you are right about the married people with issues. I can be that way alot of times too. I did not want to hurt anyone I was just venting! I loved hanging with you and Izzy. You can call me whenever and we can discuss more if you want And i know I can be real around you.. I think i have been anyhow. I did not want people to get the wrong idea. I am just frustrated with myself mainly and did not convey that very well. Love you lots and I am so excited to here all about your trip to Seattle and Aaron and I would love more info on your sponsership stuff. And it looks like in Tom's last email that he reinstated the group.. I am so confused! And the being sick part sucks too!

Vida said...

I just want to say I love your blog. It's more exciting than Tv man.