Friday, June 23

Welcome to minimum wage

Yep. This is a really interesting story.

Yesterday, I cracked. I had a headache for like 2.5 days and I was really annoyed at caffeine. It was migraine status on Tuesday and I took a nap for like 2 hours which almost caused Gina to blow a gasket for some reason. Hee hee. She's funny. So, by the time yesterday came around, I was annoyed with life.

Side note: I get one more freaking wedding invite this year, I am going to puke. Too many weddings. You know how I feel about people geeking out for their weddings. They get all wierd and creepy sometimes. They just stop talking to you or they freak out about you not being able to make it when their wedding is across the country. I don't know. I don't want to give specific examples right now. I am just saying that it's wierd sometimes. I am sick of people getting married under awkward circumstances too. It makes me nervous that some of my friends might end up in the 50% that no one wishes to be in.

Anyway, I lost it yesterday. I was crying, yelling at God, throwing down with him over my situation. I ate fast food twice. No good, people. I felt all annoyed and fat. I was pissed about how life is for me right now. And somewhere inside me I had this hope that came out of nowhere. I am not saying I heard an audible voice, but I heard the voice of God. It's a very hard thing to explain to someone that has never had it happen to them. But God was like, "Would you swallow your pride for me? Would you work at Showplace for me?"

I was like, "Whatever you want, God, yes. I would work at Showplace for you." (Showplace is a cinema in town.)

I drove over to Showplace and asked for an application. The two girls that worked out front were eye candy. You know what I mean? Short, skinny and very preppy were three words to describe them. Yeah. Not me. Plus, they were like 16. If that. I thought to myself, "God, please don't let me work here. Is this really what you want for me?"


I got in my car and drove toward my parents' apartment. I pass Kohl's and I remember that Gina's friend said I could use her as a reference cause she works there. I filled out an application and the woman looked at me and was not very excited about my look. Yes, I could tell that. No, I am not being over dramatic. It just didn't feel right.

As I am walking out to my car, I hear that voice again. Not audible, just there, saying to me Sally Beauty Supply is hiring. I thought how funny if they are hiring, for me to know that they are before I get there.

When I pulled up to the store, there was a sign in the window. It said "NOW HIRING

Yeah, God's pretty cool. I had a long talk with the manager and she felt really good about the conversation, so she asked me to come back today with my application filled out.

She pulled me back for an interview, and I realized that I think I have this job in the bag. I feel a purpose for me there. Here's the thing: less than $7 an hour. Yeah...


Funny, God. Really funny.

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