Thursday, December 8

Something is different

I can't explain it. It's just funny. Several people have said that I am glowing or my eyes are smiling (Yes, I'm part Irish!) or that I look different. I feel different. I don't know what it is, but I just feel different.

Last night my roommate and I got into some pretty serious spiritual warfare. We were awakened by a spirit of fear and we took it on. It was so awesome! If you ever want to know what Satan's inheritance is, read Isaiah 14 and 15. Holla. Back.

I love Jesus. He is so rad.

I have had to face a lot of pain from my past that the Lord has brought to the surface the past few weeks. I have felt like an open, festering wound lately. It's been really hard, but luckily God has put me in this environment where healing in conducive to what is going on here. I am totally excited about the outcome though, even though it may take awhile to see results! I just want to commit to seeing it through. I want to be loyal to my commitment to grow.

DTS is a trade up on life for me. Not a break even. Not a trade for the pits. Trade up.

God keeps his promises and that is good.

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Nathan said...

We love you! Have an awesome time showing God's love in South Africa.