Thursday, December 15

Are we really?

Seriously... Like are we really doing this?

We all woke up at like 5am to see the Mexico team off. It was crazy. Of course I started crying. This place is so empty, and it really feels... well... real that we are actually going.

I am so ready to go to South Africa. I am ready to hug on some kids and I am ready to do our dramas. I am so excited to go and dance too.

This is going to change my life, and I am ready for it. I cannot believe the time is actually here. It's hard though, because I know that this is going to be a challenge. My self-esteem issues have been coming to the surface. God has been helping ma tackle them left and right, which is cool. It's just hard. But, my hope and prayer is that God will transform me from the inside out on this outreach. I don't want to be in bondage to this self-esteem problem anymore. I am surely not going to let it hold me back.

I am so exhausted today. We did so much work, and I leanred a dance to do...

And Claire is watching me type this (she's staff) and she's English so I'll give her the forks. (o:

I love my DTS crew.

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