Friday, December 2

Filet Mignon

So, I am completely stoked to go to South Africa! I cannot wait to get there and be able to hug on some little kids. Our team has had some issues being tired and getting crappy with each other, which I'm told is normal. Please keep us in your prayers.

God really challenged me this week with the whole working in a Muslim country thing. I was thinkking about how hard it will be to not be able to wear what I want and do things the way I always have. I mean, this is a huge thing. Those are a lot of rights to lay down, man. I know this isn't going to be easy either. So, I was looking at a picture of a girl in a Muslim head wrap. I thought to myself how hard it will be to have to wear one of those all of the time when I am in the Middle East. And God led me to wear one. Even out in public. And I don't know for how long either. (I borrowed an actual head covering from a staff member here who spent a year in Afghanistan.)

I realized how much I stare at women who wear these out in public. I need to be more sensitive.


Elaine said...

I can understand it feeling a little strange. However, you don't have to think of it as an Islamic culture/tradition which you are forced to endure. 1Cor 11 discusses women wearing headcoverings when they pray and prohesy as a symbol of authority upon their heads. Many Christian women actually wear the covering full-time (we're supposed to be in constant prayer anyway).

I was researching it for myself and came across your post. I will pray for your mission :)

God Bless you.

aarondaddy said...

Hey girl! I miss you tons! I cannot wait for Feb. I am praying for you and am so excited to hear all about your mission trip! Love ya!

dav said...

Hey Megs - just wanted you to know I took the time to look this up and read it... havin' a hard time imagining you in a head covering and the whole subservient thing. Amazing how God stretches us!!