Wednesday, September 27

I am so over freaking out about stuff!

I think that all of my freak out stuff was just-I know how this sounds- spiritual attack. I mean, I kept praying for God to reveal to me what he wanted me to do with this situation. I asked him Friday night and Saturday to change my heart about staying if he wanted me to stay. And to help me be 100% here if I am going to be here.

And Monday, the great communication with God of that Monday happened.

God totally spoke to me about staying and revealed to me that God's presence in me here is important. I had a really cool experience at work with my boss. It was awesome! I have completely turned around about the whole thing.

I'm in Ohio to stay for at least a year while we work on the project (play) together. And I am really excited about all of it.

One talk with Daddy and everything really changed. Amazing when God answers every one of your prayers. Isn't that interesting?

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