Thursday, January 3

New Year With New Beginnings

I just wanted to say that I am very glad that God has blessed me with all he has. I love doing what I do and I love being who I am. Things have been so stressful lately because I started cosmetology school and I am still working at the coffee shop. But I see the little things that are so great in my life: the love and support of an amazing man, the protection of an amazing God, and the peace I have in the promise that God's plan is to prosper me.

These are great things. And I am very glad for it all. Is it perfect? Not a chance. But I am learning every day the value of staying committed to one's goal. It's something I never grasped before and something that is very important for me to learn. I am also learning a lot about being in a relationship-a healthy one-that's growing.

Justin's love is something I have prayed for for a long time. All wrapped up in this cute little package. I love him dearly.

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Sarah said...

Awwww!! Its important to be where you are right now... I miss hangin with ya and can't wait till its completed- I can't wait for a lot of things to happen in your life-