Tuesday, July 28

The "Almost Girl"

My friend coined this phrase and I really dig it. Because I can relate. The "Almost Girl" hasn't had much of a career, doesn't do the normal midwest "go to college to get your MRS" and then get preggers by 24 thing and doesn't own a house. I mean, seriously, what's so wrong with being an "Almost Girl"? Nothing.

Yeah, my life is behind some people's in tick marks of things we do before we die. I mean, I'm a 30 year old unmarried woman with no children. But here's the deal: some of my friends got married young and divorced young. I mean, it's dumb for me to compare myself to others all the time. Yeah, I'm not a mom. Yet. But I will be someday.

And I am dating the most amazing guy ever, while some friends I have spend their days having trouble with their spouses because they are now facing issues they maybe should have faced before marriage. Justin and I remain faithful to one another and to God. I really love Justin and I don't want to date anyone else. Yeah, we're going slow. I mean, we've been dating 2 1/2 years. Which is a heckuva long time... Especially in Christian circles. But then again, it's cool. I mean, we love each other. And we're able to talk out (even fight out) our differences; which if you knew how I grew up, you'd realize it's a freaking miracle. I haven't had that with anyone before.

It's just that I realized someone who I thought had everything I wanted (and-if I'm being honest-should already have) doesn't have everything she wants. And it made me think that I'm okay. I'm doing well. Even though I have family and financial things with which to deal. It is what it is: not the end of the world.