Friday, February 9

Spoken For

As I was driving home tonight, I heard a song on the radio and the song was titled "Spoken For." Here's some of the lyrics:

Covered by your love divine

Child of the risen Lord

To hear you say "This one's mine"

My heart is spoken for

By the power of the cross

You've taken what was lost

And made it fully yours

And I have been redeemed

By you that spoke to me

Now I am spoken for

Anyway, it got me to thinking...

If Jesus paid the price for me, and I am really “spoken for” by him, I can't just go around giving my heart away.

In the olden days, if a woman was spoken for, no man best touch dat.

When Joseph was just engaged to Mary and he found out she was pregnant, he was going to have to divorce her. They weren’t even married yet.

My heart is his (God’s) until he deems it the right time to give it to another man.

See, I have spent so much time giving my heart to men that weren't worthy of it.

When I dated John, the guy from Seattle, I was really lonely and I let him have my heart even though we were so not right for each other.

After that relationship, I know what it is like to be used. And thrown away because the guy didn’t get what he wanted.

That sucked.

But see, I have stopped giving my heart away like that. Even with Ben last year, I didn’t give him my heart. I liked him. I let him pursue me. Told him I loved him. We talked about marriage and he supposedly put a down payment on a ring.

But my heart? I’m not sure he got that. And I never got a ring… I hope he got his money back.

No one should have my heart until the time is right.

I don’t want to go giving away something that isn’t mine to give away. My heart is in Jesus’ hands now; I know I can trust him with it.

So I will.

Oh, it’s gonna be hard to trust him. But tonight in the car, I felt him really speaking to me about this matter.

Preparing? Warning? What?

We shall see.

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Meg said...

That passage about Joseph divorcing Mary...;&version=51;