Friday, February 16

It bothers me when...

the only compliments from people I get are "You have totally lost weight", "You look so waify", and my favorite "You look so hot now."


Muthawhat?! I always bring the hotness. Straight up.

Betta recognize.

No seriously. It does bother me. I mean, sure I like being complimented. Every woman likes to feel beautiful.

But compliment me on something else too. Okay? Cause if all I hear from you is how I look, it just makes me feel... cheap.

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Chad Jackson said...

Is that a problem with the complementer or the complemented? Some one is no doubt trying to do and/or say something nice to you. They may even be trying to encourage you to keep doing whatever it is that you are doing.

How is how you feel about being complimented the problem of the person who is paying you the compliment.

Please note: I am assuming this wasn't some sort of backhanded compliment or a snide remark.