Friday, June 22

Yes, I am a natural blue

So, I really don't know what I am doing with my life, and I think I would have figured it out by now. But I haven't.

Waiting on God is hard, but I feel it's the season I am in.

I don't always love my job, but I do love the people I work with.

I feel like I am in the middle of a mid-life crisis some days.

I am not sure if what I thought God called me to is what he really called me to or if it was just me wanting to do what I want.

I know that God loves me, but at times I feel like he has forgotten me.

Adjusting is hard. I do not love Coloradoans much. I have to be honest. But I love my YWAM friends and I love the encouragement that I receive here.

I wonder what is next.

I know God has me here to keep my commitments. And that is hard.

I am learning a lot. It's just the school of hard knocks somedays.

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