Thursday, May 10

What goes around comes... Eck. Whatev.

Still haven't been able to catch my manager, but I did get to talk to my store manager. I'll get the chance hopefully soon. But I don't know how to explain to people sometimes that I am frustrated with how they handle things. I don't know. It's complicated. And yet simple too.

My friends and I are watching the movie "The Queen" and I have to say that I love British culture. I remember when Princes Di was killed and I remember how wierd it was. The movie is just intense here right now because the royal family just got the news in the movie.

I got the job at the preschool but I am still praying about whether to take it full time and pass on the massive hours at the coffee shop. Or to do both part time or what the deal is. I am just still not sure.

Becca and I are still sharing a car. Pray that we can find another one soon. We also need some more roommates. One or two if need be. Cause the condo we are renting has two bedrooms and we moved in after having two roommates back out on us in three days. We both really felt and so did our friends who are renting it to us, that this was to be our place and that God would provide for us. Funny how much God has me going on faith right now. My whole freaking life is that way. I can't think of one aspect of my life that is concrete. Just funny.

I guess my age is concrete.

Faith. It keeps getting a whole new meaning for me as life goes on.

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