Wednesday, March 28

I'm leavin' on a rail train...

So, Becca and I are riding an Amtrak from Cleveland to Chicago to Denver. Cheap. Fantastic. And awesome. And fun!

Life is an adventure. And I am excited to be a part of it.

It's a long story, but renting a vehicle was way more expensive than what I planned on. And I didn't think things would be as complicated as they were to move when I just spent the past year selling everything I own except for necessities. Sometimes I wish my brain worked differently or I would think of things differently. Or that I had an amazing amount of logic. Or any amount of capacity for planning. Because my planning was the suck this go round.

I did not think ahead very well and had to spend the last couple of days on an amzingly high stress level, ready to snap on anyone that pissed me off. But hey. It all worked out in the end. And Becca and I are both excited to hang out and have fun together. And rock the rail.

I can carry an amazing amount of luggage on a train. But still not all of my stuff, so I will have to--I don't want to say it. Get a storage space. Eck. I think the apocalypse is coming. Now I have to rethink my packing strategy, because I did have one of those. But now it's gone. Kaput.

Ugh. Moving.


Ahhhhhhh. Denver.

I am coming, my love. My dearest. My mountains.

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