Thursday, May 3

Today in Colorado

Being a grown up sucks sometimes because you have to have grown up conversations about feelings. And sometimes my feelings get hurt and I just have to own up and talk to the person that hurt me. It's not easy, but welcome to the game of life. If only I could catch my manager at work to tell her how my feelings got hurt and why what she said made me a little upset to say the least. I just want to talk to her about it. And I hope she receives it well. And I hope that my words are spoken with wisdom and love. Pray for me about that? Thanks.

Um, I have a job interview tomorrow to do a pre-school summer camp at a church about 25-30 mins away from here. I met the lady who runs the place the other day and she really wants to hire me. The board of directors wants to interview me tomorrow. So... Yay!

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