Wednesday, May 2

Ch ch ch ch changin'

So, I am getting settled in Colorado. It is kind of crazy, but Becca and I found a place to rent with a friend of hers, but once we read the lease it seems off. So, we are going to meet with the landlords tonight and see what they think about the issues we have. It's not really a big deal. But luckily where we live now is cool. The wife of the family that owns the house where we are staying is a lawyer. She actually worked for John Ashcroft back in the day when he was working toward the presdiency. I was actually impressed with that, and she and I have talked politics quite a few times. I am pretty excited to see what God does with this lease thing. If all else fails, we can totally rent an apartment or something.

Uh, in other news, I am really excited that God is faithful. I have been talking to a guy friend from Ohio. We both really like each other, and things have been really great since I moved out here. We were both really scared when I was back in Ohio and acted like goofy little wussies. It was wierd, but now we are both really opening up and getting to know each other better. He asked me to come meet his family at his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party and then he is driving out here to hang out for a mountain vaca. And I am so excited to see him face to face after we have talked so much about what we both want out of life. And I think this relationship is really good. We have both been praying for each other and I think that God is showing me much about what has been messed up about my interactions with men in the past. No. I know it. And the funny thing is we have been talking about how we've been hurt in the past and the decisions we've made and all that. I have no idea what will happen and no idea what we will do if things get really serious. But, hey, I think he's worth the risk. He's fun. We laugh a lot. He makes me want to get my crap together and let God run my life more. Not saying that is easy, but hey... Sometimes, you just gotta roll with things.

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The Sasquatch said...

That's awesome, Meg. You two were always cute together