Sunday, March 4


Dear men,

I just don't get you, and I wonder sometimes if you have cooties. But it's cool.

We can still "kick it like Tae Bo."



The Sasquatch said...

That's alright. We don't get you guys (and by that I mean chicks) all the time either. I don't know that we'll kick it like tae bo, since Billy Blanks is a punk. But we can definitely hang.

The dully appointed representative for guys everywhere.

Chad Jackson said...

Allow me to weight in here if I may since I was no doubt part of the convo that begat this post. Mayhap, Meg it is not simply that you don't "get" guys. But simply that you either cannot or will not accept the simplicity of us guys. We are simple, basic creatures, with simple basic desires. We are both constantly subject to these things and fighting these things. I think the apostle Paul put it best... the things I do I don't want to do, the things I want to do I don't do. I am paraphrasing of course...

My advice: Accept it and move on with your life.